CEREC Crowns- (Single Visit Crown Process) in Sandy, UT

CEREC Crowns- (Single Visit Crown Process) in Sandy, UT

A CEREC crown is a high-quality porcelain restoration custom-designed to look like natural teeth. At Lone Peak Dental Care, we fabricate the CEREC crown right in the office using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, so there is no need for a temporary crown or a second appointment with a separate lab for crown fabrication. That also means no messy impressions! 

This same-day dental crown process uses 3D digital imaging to create a virtual model of your teeth and to design the perfect color match for your natural smile. The CEREC milling machine makes your new tooth out of a ceramic block that will fit seamlessly with your smile. After it is placed in your mouth and shaped to fit your bite comfortably, the CEREC crown is polished to look just like a natural tooth. You can leave our office after your appointment with a restored smile that looks natural.

The Differences Between CEREC And Traditional Crowns

A traditional crown requires at least two appointments, meaning you have to do two separate office visits. During the first visit, we will prepare the tooth for the crown by filing down the enamel. Then we will take an impression of the tooth and send it to a lab where your custom crown will be made. This can take several weeks to complete before your crown is fabricated and returned to the dentist’s office. Once the crown is ready, the second appointment is scheduled, during which your crown will be placed in your mouth.

On the other hand, CEREC crowns are made from porcelain and can be completed in one visit. Our dentist will X-ray your tooth after it has been prepared to ensure enough room for the crown. Once approved, our dentist will design and fabricate a custom-fitted crown while you wait. The CEREC crown will be completed and ready to place at the same appointment. CEREC dental crowns are incredible because they do not require any messy impressions. 

The Advantages of CEREC Crowns

Most patients enjoy the convenience of CEREC crown treatment. It allows for same-day restorations that don’t require multiple appointments, temporary crowns, or messy impressions and molds.

In addition to convenience, there are other advantages to CEREC crowns. The materials used in CEREC crowns are strong and durable, so they can give you a quality restoration that will last for years. Also, CEREC crowns are color-matched to your natural teeth, so they blend seamlessly into your smile, and no one can tell the difference between your natural tooth and the new crown. And they’re built to last a long time, so you don’t have to think about replacing them for a long time!

If you’re interested in CEREC crowns or want to learn about other restorative dentistry treatments, visit Lone Peak Dental Care at 9853 So. 700 E., Sandy, UT 84070, or call (801) 572-4430.


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