Dental Hygiene Cleanings and Exams in Sandy, UT

Dental Hygiene Cleanings and Exams in Sandy, UT

The benefits of good oral hygiene extend far beyond your mouth. In fact, they can dramatically affect your overall health. At Lone Peak Dental Care, our dentists perform thorough dental cleanings and exams that can remove plaque and tartar buildup and prevent more severe issues from occurring in the future. Our dentists also provide at-home treatment recommendations that help you maintain oral health between visits. Following our advice and instructions on proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing techniques, you can help limit your risk for tooth decay and gum disease and keep your smile bright and healthy for years to come!

The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams

Regular dental checkups and cleanings are the best way to prevent oral health problems and maintain good oral hygiene. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup from the mouth. This is essential for preventing cavities, gingivitis, and other oral health issues. We also check for signs of oral cancer during your cleaning and exam appointments, so stay on top of those appointments!

While brushing and flossing at home helps to keep plaque and bacteria at bay, professional cleaning by our dentists ensures that your entire mouth is clean. Your teeth will be smooth and polished after we finish your appointment, which is a nice finishing touch to your smile! 

How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned?

It would help to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice yearly or as your dentist recommends. If you have periodontal disease or other oral health concerns, this schedule may change. Your dentist may recommend more frequent cleanings to prevent gum disease from developing.

Our dentist will use specialized tools and instruments to clean your teeth properly. They will remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth to prevent cavities and other issues. Generally, only the surfaces of teeth will be scrubbed during the short cleaning appointment. However, some patients may need deep cleanings that reach below the gums to remove bacteria.

Additionally, our dentist will perform an exam during each checkup. They will look for signs of tooth decay, oral cancer, gingivitis, and other common issues. You may need treatment sooner if you have any symptoms of these issues, such as a toothache, bleeding gums, or sores in the mouth. The faster these problems are diagnosed and treated, the easier the treatment can be.

To learn more about the importance of dental cleanings in maintaining a healthy smile, contact Lone Peak Dental Care at 9853 So. 700 E., Sandy, UT 84070, or call (801) 572-4430 to schedule an appointment. 


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