Emergency Dentistry in Sandy, UT

Emergency Dentistry in Sandy, UT

There’s never a good time for an emergency. That’s why our dentists at Lone Peak Dental Care offer emergency care in case something happens with your teeth and gums that requires immediate attention. An emergency can be anything from an acute injury to a tooth falling out. Sometimes an emergency visit is unavoidable. Whether you knock out one of your teeth in an accident or chip it while playing sports, visit our office immediately so we can immediately treat the issue. 

When Is Emergency Dentistry Necessary?

  • Severe tooth pain that lasts more than a day or two and stops you from being able to eat or drink normally. Various things, including cavities, abscesses, or gum disease, can cause a lingering toothache. Therefore, seeking a dentist quickly to determine the cause and treat your pain effectively is essential.
  • If you experience trauma to your teeth, from biting down on something hard or getting hit in the mouth with a baseball, they will likely sustain some damage. See our dentist immediately if you suspect your injury has caused damage to any of your teeth. They will determine whether they can be repaired successfully or if they will need to be extracted and replaced. 
  • Braces that have become loose or are broken are extremely dangerous. If the wires hook into your gums or cheeks, they can cause lacerations that require stitches or cause bleeding that might not stop on its own. They can also cause damage to the soft tissues of your mouth if they become lodged inside.

The Advantages of Emergency Dentistry?

An emergency dentist offers several advantages, including quick access to care, prompt diagnosis, and same-day treatment. For example, if you have severe tooth pain, you may struggle to concentrate at work or to enjoy spending time with your family. In a situation like this, having a dentist’s office nearby with an emergency dentist who can see patients quickly can be a huge help. Urgent dental care is essential if you experience a dental injury such as a tooth fracture or knocked-out tooth. Such injuries can result in severe pain, bleeding, and even tooth loss without timely treatment. An emergency dentist can help in these situations by stabilizing your tooth and providing quick pain relief.

Emergency dentists can also provide other benefits when helping you achieve and maintain a healthy smile. They can provide preventative treatments when necessary and help guide you toward better oral health practices. Also, a regular checkup every six months can help prevent minor issues such as tooth decay from becoming big problems. 

If you wake up with severe pain in your mouth that keeps you from eating, drinking, or sleeping, you should visit our emergency dental office as soon as possible. For the best dental care tailored to your unique needs, visit Lone Peak Dental Care at 9853 So. 700 E., Sandy, UT 84070, or call (801) 572-4430.


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